Mitch’s Playlist

The Sweet Life by Dakota Star

 Mitch is a sweet on the inside, tough on the outside cowboy working at a dude ranch as lead wrangler, barn manager, and more. When a beautiful red-head from NYC turns his life upside down, Mitch will do anything to win her heart. Country sweet falls hard for a little city spice.

Mitch, well suited for the physical demands of a life spent outdoors, is tall, tan, and lean. But his eyes are his most noticeable feature: bright golden brown and friendly.

When hauling hay, leading rides across the open meadows, or rescuing stray cows, Mitch relies on his music to get through the day. His top five country favorites follow:


  1. Eric Church – Homeboy

Mitch had some problems as a Texas teen after his parents’ divorce. He ended up in trouble and was banished to the outskirts of Boston to live with his dad. “Homeboy” by Eric Church reminds Mitch that now he is right where he needs to be. He’s a country boy through and through and the dude ranch is his life.

  1. Chris Stapleton – Parachute

Mitch can tell there is something different about Alexis from the moment they meet, and he wants to find out more, much more, about her. Once he falls, this song represents his emotions. Mitch plans to capture Alexis’ heart and convince her their love will be epic. He’s the man who stays strong for Alexis during the best and worst of times.

  1. Brantley Gilbert — Kick It In The Sticks

Mitch might have lived in the city for a while, but he’s a country boy and knows how to kick back and relax. He’s going to be sure to show Alexis a good time.

  1. Jason Aldean – Big Green Tractor

This song nails the different worlds Mitch and Alexis live in, but also where they meet in the middle. It doesn’t matter how different people are at the start. It’s much more important where they end up together.

  1. Johnny Cash – Five Feet High and Rising

The song is a classic and it’s Johnny Cash. “Five Feet High and Rising” shows how perseverance, determination, and faith pay off. As Cash said, “…good things come from adversity…” Mitch lives that.


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Alexis takes her job very seriously. As one of the younger account executives, proving herself in the workplace is much more important than having a love life. And now that she’s been assigned a dude ranch account, she’s more determined than ever to show her doubters that she has what it takes.

Unfortunately there’s a tall, hot-tempered, brown-eyed cowboy who manages to distract Alexis from her goal by grabbing her attention…in a non-professional kind of way.

Mitch is the cowboy of her dreams—and also a distraction her career can’t affo

And the real kicker? He also happens to be the ranch owner’s son, and this little fact alone has the potential to ruin everything for this city girl.


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